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Key Watcher



• System sizes, available to handle up to 15 cabinets with up to 1,440 keys. •

• Cabinet sizes: 18 Gauge steel CABINET, 13 Gauge steel DOOR.

U.S. Patents: 6,431,438 / 6,609,657 / 6,981,639 Key locations are identified by Built-in Touch Screen and illuminating

key location.

• Each Key is electronically locked in its location, and can only be released if the User has access to that Key or Keys.

Cabinet – 1 MOD:

(201⁄2”wx131⁄2”hx93⁄4”d) (52cmwx35cmhx25cmd)

Cabinet – 3 MOD:

(201⁄2”wx291⁄2”hx93⁄4”d) (52cmwx75cmhx25cmd)

Cabinet – 2 MOD:

(201⁄2”wx211⁄2”hx93⁄4”d) (52cmwx55cmhx25cmd) •

Cabinet – 6 MOD: • (271⁄2”wx291⁄2”hx93⁄4”d) (70cmwx75cmhx25cmd) •

Monitored battery backup for up to 24 hours.

USB ports for connecting Card Reader Interface / Relay Board and upgrades.

Communications and electrical connections external or internal.

User serviceable.

Cabinet – 9 MOD: (Handles up to 7 cabinets) •

(373⁄4”wx291⁄2”hx93⁄4”d) (96cmwx75cmhx25cmd)


  • Secured cabinet with electric lock that only opens if user has access to theKeys requested. (Medeco) mechanical key override for emergencies.
  • Alarmed cabinet for unauthorized use.
  • Built-in bright 7” (18 cm) full color TFT capacitive Touch Screen display. 480 x 800 resolution. 7 Mohs hardness glass resistant to scratching.
  • Smartkeys are available in eight colors to distinguish special keys-(red, blue, yellow, green, black, brown, gray, white). Keys are fitted to a Smartkey by 1/8” stainless steel ring and do not require tools needed to attach keys to Smartkey. Smartkeys are reusable.
  • Configurations available to accommodate Folger Adams or oversize keys.
  • 10/100 Ethernet connection for PC communication with KeyWatcher through Network via TCP/IP.


  • “KeyAnywhere” -Keys returned to any KeyWatcher Touch within a site.
  • “My Keys Out” – See which keys you have out, if any are overdue, and whenthey will become overdue.

• SQL Server software compatible with SQL Express 2005 and higher. The software will run as a Server application and a client interface for programming, remote functions, and reports. Larger installations may require full version of SQL server.

  • “KeyFind” -Locate a key in any KeyWatcher Touch within a site. •
  • Random Return Feature allows Users to return keys to any open location within the cabinet, therefore protecting sensitive Keys from pattern location • placement.
  • One-Time User Codes. Allows a temporary user code to be programmed.
  • Auto Activation / Deactivation. Allows users to be setup with a start and end •date for access to the system. Deactivates user.
  • Status bar guides users on what to do, and shows what is happening. •

KeyWatcher Site’s allow up to 10 KeyWatcher’s to share the same database of users, keys, restrictions, and programming.

Global Administration allows users to be managed from a list of all users for all sites. Site Administration allows users to be managed for their site only.

Able to store up to 250 Profiles. Profiles provide an easy way to assign key and group permissions, access level, and much more to users.

Able to store 250 groups. Each group can be programmed with up to 500 keys and can be setup to release either the next available key or all the keys in the group.

• Multiple-Key access. Allows the number of keys a user can have out at any given time to be set from 0-15 (0 being unlimited).

• Performs all TrueTouch software functions through LAN.

• Instant Key Release. Allows keys to be automatically released and returned. •

Transactions & alarms are “Pushed” from the KeyWatcher Touch to the Server software in real time. Viewable in TrueTouch software.

• User Disable. Allows a user to be temporarily suspended from using the system on a global basis.

• Auto-sync automatically updates KeyWatcher system changes.

  • Disable Key. Allows a key to be temporarily suspended from being removed. •
  • Authorized Users can enable an Emergency Release function for keys.
  • Capability to handle up to 10,000 User Codes per site & multiple access • levels. User Codes can be up to 6 digits plus a 4 digit pin.

Provides an alarm for Overdue Keys, Illegal Removals, Door Left Open, Illegal Entry, Key Not Removed, Key Not Returned, and Invalid Keys.

Capable of producing reports that include “Key Name”, “User Name”, and “Time & Date” of transaction. Allows for reports to be generated on deleted users.

Notifications can be setup for e-mails and / or SMS (text message). Audit trail reports by Key, User, Events, Alarms, and by Date.

All key movements are tracked by Time, Date and User Code.

  • Key removal – remove keys by list, number, or name.
  • Key Removal/Return Notes are selected from a list and an optional comment •

can be entered via on-screen QWERTY keyboard. •

• Programmable to release Keys within specified day(s) of week to Users only • within certain time zones.

OPTIONS • Multi-User Key Access. Includes:
• Card Reader Interface and Relay Input Interface. Dual / Triple User Access. Keys can be setup to require two / three

• Readers available: Biometric Optical Fingerprint, Magstripe (Track 1 or Track 2), Barcode, Hand Geometry, and proximity.

user codes to be released.
Departmental Access. Used in conjunction with Dual / Triple User Access. Restricts keys by departments.
Dual / Triple User Return. Used in conjunction with Dual / Triple User Access. Require two / three user codes to return keys.

Non-Random Key Return. Keys required to be returned to specific location.

  • 6 sets of Internal relay contacts for external alarm monitoring.
  • Duress Panic Alarm. Allows a user to trigger a silent alarm in an emergency.
  • Door available in durable, see-through polycarbonate.


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