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ATECH No Touch Exit Switch & Back Box

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Specification for Infrared Door Switch:

Input DC12V
Contact Rating 12-28V,3A
Output Contact NO\NC\COM
Mechanical Life 500000 tested
Suitable for Door Hollow Door
Operating temp -20°C~+55°C(14-131F)
Suitable Humidity 0-95% (non- condensing)
Detection range 0.1-10cm

LED Indicator for Touch Free Exit Sensor Switch:

White LED indicator Power OFF
Blue LED indicator Power ON(standby)
Red LED indicator Power ON(sensation)

ATECH Exit Switch



. Specification

Dimensions  91Lx28Wx20H(mm)
Standard Structure  Stainless steel Panel, Steel Button
Current Rating  3A@12VDC Max
Output Contact  NC/COM
Output Contact EB-12A NO/NC/COM
Mechanical Life  1000000 tested
Suitable for Door  Hollow Door
Operating temp  -10~+55°C(14-131F)
Operating Humidity  0-95% (non- condensing)
Panel Material  Stainless steel Panel, Wire Drawing Finished
Weight  0.1kg
Standard Packing  

A-TECH Stand Alone Access Keypad

Stand Alone Access Keypad





ATECH : PCD-96A Proximity card reader


  1. When the card approach the reader, the red light turn into green;
  2. After glinting to turn red color again, the buzzer sound shows transiting data.
  3. It has 500ms proximity time distance for card proximity.
  4. After finishing card proximity, if the same ID card is still in the proximity range, reader will not send out the data, neither giving any sound hint.
  5. But for Different ID card entering Proximity Area, Reader can do response continually and send out the data.



Size 80 x 43x 16mm
Color Black / White
Voltage DC5~16V
Current ≤50mA
Ambient Temperature -30℃~70℃
Reading Range 5~15CM
Output Format Wiegand 26/34,RS485/232
Card Type EM-ID/Mifare-IC/HID
Communication Distance WG≤100M,RS485≤500M




RBH FR-360 Proximity Reader



Utilizing proven digital radio frequency identifi cation (RFID)
technology, RBH FR-360N Proximity Readers deliver best in
class read ranges and reliable operation.
Mounting is simplifi ed with vertical and horizontal mounting
slots, instead of holes, which allow the reader to be
conveniently adjusted and leveled. To allow both indoor
and outdoor operation the electronics are sealed in tamper
resistant epoxy potting.
Notable features for these are: low power consumption,
easy-to-install readers that include Wiegand interface,
independently controllable multi-color LED and audio

EXITRDR exit reader module


The EXITRDR exit reader module is a flexible, convenient and inexpensive way to control and track cardholder access in both directions through the same door. The EXITRDR module is compatible with all IRC-2000 & URC-2000 series of controllers.

S2 NetBox


NetBox systems are available in two models: NetBox and NetBox Extreme. Both models can be operated entirely from a Web browser and integrates access control, alarm monitoring, video surveillance, and temperature monitoring capabilities in an IP-based, network-ready system.

The NetBox offers support for up to 32 access control readers and 32 nodes. These systems are ideal for a range of uses from independent organizations to field offices of large enterprises.

The NetBox Extreme offers support for up to 256 access control readers and 64 nodes. Extreme systems can be operated as partitioned systems that enable multiple occupant facilities to standardize on a central security system and then share the system with individual entities, such as commercial building tenants. Each partition has its own database, network nodes, and monitoring, allowing users to determine how they would like to manage their portion of the system.



HID’s EntryProx stand-alone reader truly stands alone in what it delivers. Compatible with all HID proximity cards and keytags, EntryProx™ provides single-door proximity access control and is ideal for unique applications. The reader, designed to be weatherand vandal-resistant, can be mounted indoors or outdoors up to 10 feet away from the control unit using the detachable antenna module. The versatile, attractive unit is easily modified to become an on-line reader by switching to Wiegand output mode, allowing it to connect to any OEM controller and provide card and PIN output.

The ADA-compliant 12-position keypad features large white-on-black numbers, enabling PIN entry or programming, with optional audio feedback and a raised dot on the 5 key. For extra security, EntryProx’s keypad incorporates the “invalid PIN” lockout feature, preventing unauthorized trial-and-error PIN code entry.

The reader also features faster programming, enabling end-users to batch load up to 2,000 HID cards or keytags, in any format up to 37 bits, by entering a single keypad command sequence. A Block Delete feature allows for efficient badge administration by deleting a sequential range of cards/keytags from the EntryProx by user location.

  • Ideal for Unique Applications – Proximity access control for small installations or remote locations.
  • Trouble-Free Keypad Input – Extra secure keypad enables PIN entry or programming.
  • Remote Monitoring – Configurable to be used in conjunction with an on-line system.
  • Faster Programming – Batch load up to 2,000 HID cards or keytags with a single keypad command sequence.
  • Efficient Badge Administration – Block Delete allows deletion of cards/keytags by user location.

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