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Ip Wireless Alarm



IP Alarm is a new burglar alarm system controlled by your smart phone or tablet via the internet. The IP Alarm Cloud drives the system,  which provide you with information about who enters your house, which sensor has been triggered etc. Notifications are distributed to friends and neighbors, either by PUSH or email. Power and internet connections are surveyed online. Should one interrupt the power or the internet, the system will notify you within seconds. The app can monitor and control the system from anywhere as long as your phone or tablet is connected to the internet. [GPRS; 3G; Wi-Fi etc.]. The central unit of the system is the IP Alarm Scanner.

Do not expect a lot of buttons and displays. All control is done by the app. Easy and convenient – always in the palm of your hand!

Gemini LCD Keypad

Gemini LCD Keypad

Gem Net Link Moduel

Gemini EZM Zone Expander

Gemini 8/16 Control Panel

Gemini 816 Control Panel

Dsc Wireless Beam

DSc wireless beam

Dsc Wireless Door Contact

DSc window door contact

Dsc Alexor Panel

Dsc Alexor Wireless Panel


Dsc 2Way Remote

Alpha Paging system

Microframe pagger units

Microframe’s new Alpha Paging system allows you to show alpha messages on a crystal clear LED alpha display. There are three basic methods for sending messages to the to the Alpha Displays.

  • Works well with Fellowship One check-in system. Call for more details.
  • Ethernet Transmitter – Using an ethernet transmitter send messages to the LED display(s) from any computer with a web browser on your network.
  • Serial Transmitter with Software – Using a computer controlled transmitter and Page Connect software, send messages to the LED display(s) from any computer running the software on your network.
  • Digilink Interface – If your operation needs 8 pre programmed messages, or less, you can use a digilink contact closure operated transmitter to communicate with the LED display(s).


3051 Digilink


The DigiLink offers powerful “on-premise” paging, ideal
for security and remote sensing.
The DigiLink can be confi gured to accept “wet” or
“dry” contacts as inputs. The 4-Zone DigiLink has
four contact closure inputs. The 8-Zone DigiLink has
eight contact closure inputs. Each contact closure input
can be independently confi gured for “normally open,”
“normally closed” or “change of state” triggers. Upon
trigger, the DigiLink will send the pre-defi ned message

based upon the trigger to a pager. The DigiLink may
be used to page numeric or alpha pagers.

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Piece Of Mind

You can't put a price on peace of mind. It depends on a lot of very important details: sleeping peacefully in an electronically protected home, entering a well-lit home without fear, and knowing that your kids are safely back from school. At A-tech Security Solutions, our mission is to offer security products that improve your quality of life.

Fire Alarms

Fire is the one intruder that won't run away when the siren sounds... No one is completely safe from a fire. A-tech Security Solutions fire alarms are an excellent addition to your security system.Fires double in intensity every two minutes, which is why rapid response time is crucial. Fire alarms save lives.


Protection against theft and intrusion is a fundamental concern of every business owner. From selection of equipment to quality of installation, and based on an evaluation of your security needs,A-tech Security Solutions will provide you with an effective security system.


Your business security cannot be separated from its financial performance. In fact, with a video surveillance system installed and maintained by A-tech Security Solutions, you can enhance the safety of individuals and guard against loss, false claims and criminal activity at the same time.

It's Time To Feel Safe In Your Own House Again . . . . .