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ATECH : PCD-96A Proximity card reader


  1. When the card approach the reader, the red light turn into green;
  2. After glinting to turn red color again, the buzzer sound shows transiting data.
  3. It has 500ms proximity time distance for card proximity.
  4. After finishing card proximity, if the same ID card is still in the proximity range, reader will not send out the data, neither giving any sound hint.
  5. But for Different ID card entering Proximity Area, Reader can do response continually and send out the data.



Size 80 x 43x 16mm
Color Black / White
Voltage DC5~16V
Current ≤50mA
Ambient Temperature -30℃~70℃
Reading Range 5~15CM
Output Format Wiegand 26/34,RS485/232
Card Type EM-ID/Mifare-IC/HID
Communication Distance WG≤100M,RS485≤500M




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